Wednesday 18 October 2006

Draconian crackdown on the public’s right to access information held by the State

Lord Falconer of Thoroton, the Lord Chancellor, is proposing a draconian crackdown on the public’s right to access information held by the State. He has claimed that the introduction of rules opening up Whitehall are clogging up government and distracting ministers.

Or is this just an excuse for dodging public accountability. I know which I think !!!

See the full report in the Times

Tuesday 17 October 2006

Oh no Christmas is coming

Saturday, Homebase, shock horror, its only October and the shelves are already being filled with Christmas decorations.

From now on avoid going out shopping at all costs, avoid the traffic and crowds.

I will do my shopping in calm, online.

Friday 13 October 2006

Danger Mine

Originally uploaded by Fred Dawson.
I was sorting through some old images and came across this one of a warning sign when I was in Kosovo working in a mine field

The vist report

DU pages

Thursday 12 October 2006

Hummingbird Hawk Moth

Hummingbird Hawk Moth
Originally uploaded by Fred Dawson.
I took this photograph during the summer in Kent it shows a stunning alien invader that due to global warmer is becoming much more comon in the UK.

It has also stimulated me to start thinking seriously about buying a macro lens.

A day out on Salisbury Plain

Javelin missile and Challenger tank
Video shot at a recent fire power demo I attended

Monday 9 October 2006

Half way up

Half way up
Originally uploaded by Fred Dawson.
whilst indoor climbing with the children, I discover that it would be helpful if I did not not weigh so much .

By the way I manged to get to the top!

Thursday 1 June 2006

Millennium Seed Bank

Millennium Seed Bank 2
Originally uploaded by Fred Dawson.
I visited the seed bank at Wakehurst place in Sussex a short journey from London.
The Millennium Seed Bank was set up to preserve the genetic heritage of the worlds plants for future generations. What does the need for such a Bank say about mankinds impact on the world!

Saturday 27 May 2006

Be Green and say yes to nuclear

I was quite taken with Private Eye's cover promoting the recent statement by our well loved PM extolling the virtues of nuclear energy. This of course is prior to the anouncment of the energy review. Who says that decison has not already been taken !!!

Wednesday 24 May 2006

House of Commons reception

I been fortunate enough to be invited to a Parliamentary
reception in connection with forthcoming energy review
hosted by John Gummer and the Environment Council.

An oportunity to have a nose around the Houses of Parliament
and to see our elected and unelected representatives going about
their business running the country on on our behalf!

Sunday 21 May 2006

From the train

New technology allows posting from
the train on the way to work

Mr FWP Dawson
from my PDA

Saturday 20 May 2006


Originally uploaded by Fred Dawson.

Street art
Poster in Stur Plan Stockholm. I liked
the style of this and took a photo. Try "Googling"
popaganda and see where it takes you

Saturday 6 May 2006

Rocket Capsule Lands in London

Yesterday saw one of the more bizzare sights in London,
a space capsule in the style of Jules Verne and a giant
mechanical elephant. These were all part of a street theatre
event the "Sultans elephants" staged by the French
company Royal de Luxe