Tuesday 5 February 2008

Ballroom dancers' fury as council carpets community centre floors - because of risk of injury

You won't catch the professionals from Strictly Come Dancing attempting to display their moves on a patch of carpet.
But that could be the fate of amateur dancers in Blackpool after their traditional shiny floors fell foul of health and safety experts.
Groups of pensioners meet regularly at community centres across the resort to enjoy a few waltzes or other gentle routines, and they find the polished parquet is the perfect surface.
Now, however, the floors are all being carpeted over because the local council says the risk of people slipping over on them is too great.
It admits that this has scuppered the dancers, but claims the non-stick surface is more suitable for other activities - such as karate.
Baffled locals said they couldn't remember anyone hurting themselves on the floors and accused bureaucrats of showing a lack of common sense.

Ah but now they will be at risk from carpet burns!!!!!

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